Lose Body Fat: 5 Reasons Why It’s Hard for You

Find out what the 5 reasons why you’re not losing body fat are

To start getting rid of abdominal fat, you need to be careful that you don’t make some mistakes that can make it harder for you or even cause you to gain weight.

Lose Body Fat: 5 Reasons Why It's Hard for You

Lose Body Fat: 5 Reasons Why It’s Hard for You

Sometimes, you may not be losing body fat with either exercise or a strict diet.

If this happens to you, we’ll give you the reasons for why it happens.

Take note and get ready to fight it. It can be much easier than you believe!

Don’t worry because the majority of the reasons why you don’t eliminate abdominal fat are easy to reverse.

To do this, you just have to vary and improve your diet.

And, do the same with your workout routines. It’s that simple and easy.

1- You don’t eat the right amount of protein

Getting the daily recommended amount of protein is important if you want to stay healthy.

At the same time, eating the right amount of proteins is especially important for getting rid of abdominal fat.

Among the foods that you should include in your diet we find:

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes

At the same time, try to reduce the amount of protein you get from red meats and cheese.

2- You don’t exercise properly

You don’t exercise properly

You don’t exercise properly

Exercising is always good.

But, you can use certain exercises that are especially useful for getting rid of abdominal fat.

To do this, the best thing to do is to change your cardio routine with a weight routine.

Bicycle kicks
  • Bicycle kicks will help you to develop your six pack and your obliques.
  • To do this exercise, you need to lay on your back. Put your hands under your head.
  • Then, raise your knees to your chest. At the same time, raise your shoulders from the floor.
  • Little by little, move your legs like you would peddle a bicycle.
Russian twist
Russian Twist

Russian Twist

This exercise known as the Russian twist is an abdominal exercise.

It’s very useful for working your whole stomach.

But, it especially works your obliques.

  • To get the most out of this exercise, it’s best to do it with a weight plate or dumbbell. This increases the muscular tension in the area.
Medicine ball

Another option for working on your abdomen is one that includes a medicine ball.

For this, you don’t work the same way as you do with other exercises.

This is because the difficulty it adds is stabilizing your torso.

  • To do this, you’ll have to place the ball under your lower back. Support yourself completely on it. Then put your hands under your head.
  • To lift your torso from the ball, squeeze your abdominal muscles to lift the lower part of your rib cagetowards your hips.
  • Then, you’ll have to keep the ball stable while you do the crunch to do this exercise. In other words, while you’re squeezing your abdominal muscles.
Obligues - Abs

Obligues – Abs

  • Put yourself on the floor with your legs up and your knees crossed. Put your hands behind your head for support.
  • For this kind of exercise, one of your feet is placed above the other. This forces the sides of your abs to work harder.

3- Be careful with your immune system

Sometimes not getting rid of abdominal fat is a symptom related to your immune system.

Because of this, you need to figure out if this is what’s happening to you.

Autoimmune diseases should be treated with corticosteroids.

These include prednisone and cortisone.

Specifically, these are the medications that can end up causing weight gain in your abdomen.

If you have this kind of disease and you keep gaining weight in this area, you should know that it’s due to this.

Likely, the problem will be solved when you finish the treatment.

4- You only eat light foods

You only eat light foods

You only eat light foods

It might appear to be the opposite.

But, if you only eat light foods that are low in fats, you won’t reduce your size.

Instead, you’ll do the opposite.

Instead, think that these foods are really high in sugar.

And, this is one of the things responsible for making our waist grow larger.

5- Not eating breakfast

Skipping any meal isn’t good. But, if you skip is breakfast, it’ll be especially bad.

And, this is because this meal is the most important of the day.

So, ignoring it won’t only make your metabolism slow down.

It’ll also make you gain fat in your abdominal region.

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